Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Obama Brings in the Canvassers

There must be an explicit code among non-Iowa journalists that one must complain about how cold Iowa is as soon as one gets here. Maybe it's part of a union contract.

When I read these words, I inwardly...chortle? That sounds about right. Having grown up quite a way to the north of Des Moines, I find the idea is silly that 32 degrees is frigid.

But today I agree. Walking the two blocks from my car to Roosevelt High School was physically painful in 10-degree temperatures and a strong headwind. So now someone in Calgary can laugh to himself at what a wimp I am.

Weather, and the fact that it is New Year's Day with its college football buffet, didn't stop 1,000-plus people from coming to the Obama canvass kick-off here, however.

The pre-caucus mania is cresting, the result on the Democratic side of a tight race and numerous likeable candidates. Lots of people are ready to go to the wall for their candidates. I don't know how many blocks people are going to get today going door-to-door, but they've cleared a big psychological hurdle even getting this far.

* Photo: Obama on stage with wife Michelle, and daughters Malia Ann and Sasha

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