Monday, April 30, 2007

About Me

Infrequently Asked Questions About Consilience:

Q: Why is it called Consilience?

A: It refers to a E. O. Wilson book about the unity of knowledge. I wholemindedly agree that all knowledge is connected and truly understood by building upward from physical sciences. I believe that everything in the physical world is at root black and white, even if in practice it's so complex it's hard to reach accurate understanding. When it comes to human emotions goals, things become subjective, because we're not all built the same.

Q: I don't get it. This isn't a scientific site. Tell me again why the name.

A: That's not strictly a question, is it? Nevertheless, it more refers to how I look at the world, and what's here is what I'm thinking about. Like most blogs, it's self-absorbed, but one hopes, interesting to some people.

Q: Why don't you sign with your real name?

A: All I will say is that I have a good reason.

Q: Can you sign my arm/scalp/internal organs?

A: Due to high call volume, we may not be able to fulfill all such requests, especially if major reconstructive surgery is thereafter required. Please contact my assistant Chet with all requests.

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