Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iron My Shirt!

I never thought Hillary Clinton's tearing up Saturday was anything but authentic. She's tightly controlled, but her husband is the one who can easily change his emotional state to match the crowd, not her.

This is the one that nagged at me, though:

One source inside the Clinton camp said the "iron my shirts" comment appeared to anger and energize women in particular, boosting Hillary Clinton's share of the women's vote and pushing her to a narrow upset victory over Barack Obama.

The whole moment (where a man got up at a pre-primary event and yelled for Hillary to iron his shirt) struck me as so odd and stereotypical that I admit the thought crossed my mind that it was planned. It probably wasn't, but given experience with the Clintons' tactics, it's not tough to believe.


redbarb said...

The "Iron My Shirt" boys turned out to be in the employ of a shock jock from Boston. This from blogs on both the right and the left.

Polaris said...

Ah, so my instinct was right, but wasn't thinking outside its box enough. Bad instinct!