Sunday, January 06, 2008

Clinton's "Meltdown"

Though I am not at all a fan of Hillary Clinton, I think the instant wisdom of my media brethren that she had a "meltdown" in last night's ABC debate was over the top. From Ezra Klein:

I'd add that it's a bit astonishing to watch the real-time narrative construction that went on at last night's debate. I must have heard the term "meltdown" in reference to Hillary 65 times.

She was angry and let it show. And it might hurt her significantly, if Frank Luntz's focus group has anything to say about it.

Can't we save words like "meltdown" for somebody truly comes unhinged? Like this, this, or even this, say. It's enough that sports radio has ruined all our superlatives. We must not allow the forces of e-vil to win again!

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