Thursday, May 31, 2007

Organizing My Taste

So the Moose got the idea from his friend to post his all-time five favorite albums, and since I generally can't resist lists or ranking things, I need catharsis. So for something different today, the next link in a sort of bloggish chain letter (these are favorites, not necessarily best, and are in chronological order):
  1. Bob Dylan: The Royal Albert Hall Concert (1966)
  2. The Beatles: Revolver (1966)
  3. Love: Forever Changes (1967)
  4. The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (1972)
  5. Big Star: #1 Record (1972)
  6. Tom Waits: Rain Dogs (1986)
  7. Radiohead: OK Computer (1997)
  8. Richard Thompson: Celtschmerz (Live) (1998)
  9. Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs (1999)
  10. Beck: Sea Change (2002)
  11. Brian Wilson: SMiLe (2004/1967)
Ok, I did 11. Sue me.

The Moose also listed his favorite live shows. These are sorta' in order.

  1. Pink Floyd, Boston and Minneapolis, 1995 - how could a stadium show be better?
  2. Violent Femmes, M.I.T., 1991 - played four encores, crowd was as into a show as I've ever seen, and the band fed off it.
  3. Brian Wilson, Minneapolis, 2004 - got to see him perform SMiLe, perhaps the most legendary lost album in rock history, live for the first time to an American audience, and it far exceeded expectations.
  4. Richard Thompson, Omaha, 2002? - could pick several, but will go with this one because it was in a club and I had literally the best seat in the house to watch some of the most amazing guitar work one will ever see.
  5. Green Day, Minneapolis, 2005
  6. Page & Plant, Fargo, 1997
  7. Leon Redbone, Seattle, 2002
  8. George Thorogood, Boston, 1993? - Great live band
  9. Bright Eyes, Fargo, 2006
  10. Foo Fighters/Weezer/Kaiser Chiefs, Minneapolis, 2006
I feel much better.


Anonymous said...

how could you not mention the Poison/Warrant show in Providence, RI, 1991??

Polaris said...

Two things I remember about that show:

1. Remember the "Every Rose Has its Thorn" video where there's that Jesus-like figure standing there with his arms outstretched? There was some guy in the audience who just stood there doing that for a long time before the show started.

2. It seemed pretty clear the two bands didn't like each other much, and as Warrant left the stage they pronounced that next time they came back they'd be the headliners.

How long afterward before the market (on hair metal) crashed?