Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fish Fingers

American scientists have added further to the Jupiter-sized pile of evidence for evolution, showing that fingers apparently came about gradually in fish. Check here.

There may be debate about whether evolution actually happened, but there is no reasonable debate. It is a fact on the level of the Earth rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun. If you choose to believe that it is the process that God used to get humans to our current position, I suppose that is your prerogative.

The study connects with a common and completely fallacious argument of evolution doubters. That is, that scientists have do direct evidence of evolution actually occurring. The argument is wrong many times over. Extensive observation of fruit flies across many generations (we can do that with animals with such short life spans) to note mutations and population changes are only one oft-noted example.

Sorry, every time I read one of those polls that show about half of Americans don't believe in evolution I get a little depressed. And I just read one yesterday.

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