Sunday, March 18, 2007

Big Hillary

My goodness. We have here another example of the growing power of the individual, and the decreasing power of political candidates, not to mention corporations, governmental organizations, and group authority generally.

It's an ad apparently created by an Obama supporter on his/her own that uses the famous Mac/1984 ad (aired once during the '84 Super Bowl), placing Hillary in the position of Big Brother preaching to the vacuous dystopic drones. The screen on which she speaks is destroyed by a lone runner, in this case representing Obama.

Candidates can't say things like this, but someone with video editing software on their Mac can. It may help Obama in this case, because I believe a lot of Hillary's supporters wonder underneath if this vision of her isn't just the slightest bit true. But the 'Net is quite the Pandora's Box, and it can just as easily help as hurt a candidate.


Dakota said...

And now the inevitable responses from the other camp:

Polaris said...

It was inevitable, but the poster of this version doesn't get the point. The Hillary one works because she actually gives off the Big Sister vibe, even if just a bit. Obama doesn't have that.

A better response ad would've been to have Obama speaking in high-sounding platitudes, and then instead of the hammer smashing the screen, it goes right through it to reveal a Great Oz-like figure behind it. The natural and reasonably Hillary response is, "what's behind the image?"